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In 2016, we created a subsidiary company NEXOTRADE Network Corporation in the Singapore, the country with the largest investment market in the world. This will allow us to work more closely with our Indian partners, who hold the leading positions in many innovative industries in the world.


Our operation is completely transparent. In collaborating with NEXOTRADE Network, you enter into a service agreement and you can get a hard copy of it in your hands.


We are doing our best to develop a close relationship with each client, and to learn from the information coming from him/her, so we created a help desk, where you can ask questions and make suggestions for the work of the project.



A team of professionals is the heart of our business

In business, as in sports, a talented player can win the game, but only a team can win the championship. Our task is to win the championship, which is why we rely on teamwork, and try to ensure each team member receives a deserved reward. We guarantee that our cooperation program is the most profitable of all existing in the market, and we guarantee that we'll listen to each partner. If you have suggestions for improving the work of the company, you can now write to us and we will consider your suggestion.

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At the heart of our activity – usage of scientific achievements of cryptocurrency Trading and processes of the blockchain algorithms optimisation providing harmonious and maximum efficiency of work of all company divisions.

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INR : 1000 - 499000

  • 0.25 %
  • ROI Per Day


INR : 1000000 - 1 CR

  • 0.40 %
  • ROI Per Day

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